Grasshoppers - Yum!

A favorite time of year for our Cameroonian friends...

Grasshopper Season!

Watch to find out more about this interesting African delicacy!


  1. You don't eat them!?!? What's up with that?!? They are boiled... So safe to eat! Have you even ever tasted one? Pastor Charles

    1. Ben and Kate enjoy them...the rest of us - not so much :)

  2. An acquired taste perhaps.... Nice news feature. Thanks.

  3. Good job on this report! It gives us a good picture of an aspect of life there in Bambili, and a thorough look at the grasshopper 'harvest'.

  4. What a wonderful news feature. This should be on national news.

  5. Awesome!! So informative. My favorite part was the pigs trying to sneak some!!

  6. Planning to show this video to the church before I preach my "Whose god is their Belly" sermon tomorrow night at our home church! Pastor Charles

  7. We were learning about John the Baptist in our Sunday school class today, and I remembered your news report! So our class watched it to help us understand what eating locusts and Wild honey might be like. Thanks for this great report!


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