Furlough Friends

It was great to meet old friends, and super to make new friends!!!!!!!!!!! I have so many friends. I am spoiled with friends! Knowing that there is someone across the ocean that loves me and is thinking of me means soooooo much to me that there are no words to describe it. The joy and peace that my friends have put and kept in my heart is overflowing. Also the fact that most of my friends stay true to our friendship, even after two and a half years, means even more! I want to say thank you to my friends, and I love you! There is always room in my heart for more friends.



  1. You are right about friends. They are super special.

  2. Awww you're so sweet Emma!!!! I love you too!! Miss you very much. Cant wait to see you in two and half years!!
    ~Gwennie Roth
    p.s. Thank you I know I'm amazing!!! LOL!!! I'm just kidding!!!! Love you!!!


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