Benson Furlough

Today, the Bensons left for the States. They got up at 6:00 and waited for Ezekiel to pick them up so they could go to the airport. They left their car, and our dog Georgia, with us. After they left we started our school. Mom hasn’t gotten all of our books organized yet, so we didn’t do as much school as we would have wanted to, but at least we started. After school, we went to Asana. A hotel that is also a restaurant. Their food in so good, and nobody makes better tomato sauce than them. Well, when we got home we did our chores, and practiced our instruments. We had popcorn for supper, and then we did our family Devotions.



  1. I know you will love learning sign language. You already know so much. I'm glad you are getting settled back in. Love you

  2. Hello beautiful Kate! So glad to see your face! We miss you and your family so much already! I am Excited to see what you and your siblings will post in the future!!! Waiting patiently! (Not really) :) I love you!!


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