Georgia is Home!

Today was different. We were supposed to start school, but didn’t really because the Bensons, a Missionary family that helped watch our dog while we were on furlough, were coming to spend the night before returning for their furlough, and dropped of our dog, Georgia. Georgia was given to us to watch for another missionary couple while they were on their furlough. They let us keep her. :) We have had her for over six years. She has been a blessing to us. We all love her, except for Drew because she killed two of his pet chameleons!

I sleep with her in my bed every night. In the day when you say “Go get in your bed,” She will get in her doggie bed, but if you say it at night, she will get in my bed. She is getting old and might not be with us much longer, so I treasure my time with her.

There is no better dog than an already trained, inside dachshund. She is a big part of my childhood.


  1. I love Georgia too. She is a very sweet dog. I'm glad you are getting settled back in and are able to do your piano lessons online. Love you girl.

  2. She is so cute!!!! I know you missed her sooo much!!! Dogs are amazing companions and it looks like Georgia has found a great one :)! Love you!!!!


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