Final Day of Travel

When we finally arrived in the capital city of Cameroon, Yaoundé, we were exhausted, and tired, and couldn’t wait to get to the Guest house that we were gonna stay in that night. Our plane was originally supposed to land in Douala, but the captain said there was a plane on the tarmac with a flat tire that was on fire so, he landed in Yaoundé first, which was kind of an answer to a secret prayer. When we got all of our luggage, Ezekiel (one of the men from our church) helped us get all of it in the car, and off we went to a Bakery to get some food. I was starving because I had not eaten in two whole days. So Dad bought some baguettes and cokes, and then we made our way down to the guest house that we were staying at.  When we got settled in our room, we ate the bread, did quick devotions, and then fell right to sleep. Someone even said that I sat up in bed and spoke while I was sleeping!

Well, in the morning, Dad got us up at eight, and we quickly got dressed and ready for our final leg of the journey. It was an entire day of nonstop driving.  I wasn’t going to complain, I was just glad that I wasn’t on an airplane anymore. Well, before we officially left Dad had to go pay the bill. So we all got in the van and drove down to where we were supposed to pay. Dad got out of the van and slammed the door and began walking away. As he was walking away, our church van slowly began rolling down the hill! “BEN!!!!” Mom screamed. Dad came running to our rescue, and jumped in the van and pulled the break. Mom wasn’t the only one screaming I’ll have you know. After our fun little heart attack, we hit the road and made our way toward our house.

We took a quick stop to visit a missionary friend of ours, who gave us sandwiches for lunch, and let us use her bathroom : D  We were so happy when we saw our house. Some missionary friends of ours, the Needhams, met us at our front gate, and gave us all a warm welcome. They cleaned our house, and cooked us supper, which was super nice of them.

So, when they left, and our bellies were full, we had devotions and got comfy in our own bed. Now we just need to get over jetlag……


  1. I love your blogs and pictures. It really helps us to be p art of your journey. Love you

  2. Sweet Kate- I prayed and prayed and prayed for all of you but especially you. Mimi was at my salon and we cried and talked about you all as we awaited even a single text. I prayed so much for you! I know that sickness so well and I felt your pain. But guess what You made it! GOD HAD YOU THE WHOLE TIME! He knows!! He loves you so much!!! And so do I!!

    1. Thank you for your prayers. I was at peace knowing that people were praying for me.


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